No De-Evolution here! Critters run. So do humans..

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The phrase/rhetorical question indicated by the title of this web site is based on the concept that physically active people (runners, for example) are less apt to be categorized as "de-evolutionary" than their sedentary counterparts. Many or most people who took up running as an avocation did so for general health and quality of life. That is, to personally evolve to become better people. To be sure, it is not necessary to wear any such hat pictured above when running anywhere, whether you are all by yourself or in a group of runners. Also, many runners have a good sized selection of t-shirts from various events: marathons and such. Of course, to wear such a chic hat while out on a run is to make a statement. Particularly, those who frequent rock ‘n’ roll concerts and may actually have one or more hats like those pictured above will appreciate such a statement (other than the curmudgeon who is given more to whining and engaging in less healthful habits than to be active). Hence, hat of no hat, chic active apparel or just dirty old sweat pants, distance running indeed is a personally evolutionary activity. Not to say that running is the only activity that has merit. (Indeed, such is not the case.) There is also swimming, bicycling, various ball sports. Walking, too, has merit, particularly for those who frequently do long runs. Whatever your choice of activity, at one point or another, when you are participating in your activity of choice amongst your active friends, the question may sooner or later hit you: Are we not runners? Perhaps one fine day, you’ll be running one of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathons (go to ) when the musicians in one of the bands performing along the course will be wearing hats much like those pictured above. Such will be a pivotal defining moment for you. Hence, your answer to the said question: "That's what YOU know!"

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